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Diane Nicole Photography Luxury Leather Albums from RedTree

Customized Luxury Leather Albums

Hi There! 

I wanted to share these incredible albums. I go through an album company called RedTree and I have to say these are the most BEAUTIFUL albums I have ever put my hands on. Every order is put together with finely crafted and gifted hands, they are made with the highest quality materials and are just simply stunning! I am so excited to be working with this company and sharing their products with my clients.

Luxury Album Investment

Parent Album (roughly 5×7)  $500

8×10 (standard size) 10 spreads (20 pg)  $750

9×12 10 spreads (20 pg)  $1000

11×14 10 spreads (20 pg)  $1250

additional pages $25 each

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Solorio Wedding

Ivan and Danielle’s Wedding took place in Corrallitos California. Not too far from Monterey this incredibly quaint area had beautiful charm and character.

Their ceremony and reception were held in the same area, The Corrallitos Community Center, where they shred their vows under a grove of monumental redwoods. It was a beautiful and sweet ceremony that was followed by a fun and celebratory reception.

My favorite part of the day was sneaking off right before sunset and driving to a fire station down the street. We found an incredible road with Italian Pines that made a beautiful and memorable location for the new weds to have a moment to themselves. I think the best time of a wedding day that time when you can escape and really dive into the moment, slow it down and feel your hearts connecting,  these are the moments that I love to capture.

Here are some of my favorites from Ivan and Danielle’s wedding day.


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Senior Portraits with Leah

Now that summer is approaching; I wanted to let parents of the 2017 High School Seniors get a jump on scheduling your child’s Photography session with Diane Nicole Photography.

It’s a huge accomplishment for these kids to make it through their many years of school and move on to College, let’s celebrate that!

Book your child’s photography session before June 30th for anytime of the year and receive 15% off services! That’s huge savings!

Prices are listed here http://dianenicolephotography.com/?page_id=639

I’m looking forward to being a photographic part in this monumental time in these young adults lives.

Check out my last High School senior photo session with Miss Leah. She is graduation from Chico’s Inspire School of Arts & Sciences and

plans on heading to California College of the Arts in San Francisco. Leah is a fine demonstration of creativity and young determination, Congrats Leah!

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Hanging out with Atlas and Wyndham in Old Town

Saint Augustine in Northern Florida is seriously one of my favorite places on earth. The warm stretch of beach, laid back attitude and the adorable historic downtown have always called me back over the years. Maybe I’m partial since I used to live there in my twenties but I have to say anyone I have brought to visit can attest to that.

I miss surfing the warm ocean waves,  margarita beach days and the endless nights at Panama Hattie’s. But most of all, I miss my many friends that became more like family.  Since my family lived back in California and I was just a young wanderlust beach girl with no resources to make it back home, this community of friends became my family. And I love them all so much still.

While I was visiting my home away from home I got to hang out with my friend Wyndham and her baby boy. I met Wyndham when she was just a grom, who would come into the surf shop that I managed and whomp on all the boys. She could skate and surf with the best of them, I was always a sucker for another chick keeping up with the dudes so she grew on me really quick. But, just like so many of the kids I used to yell at for snagging the last piece of surfboard wax, is now all grown up :(.  She has turned out to be a beautiful and amazing woman, friend and mother to one of the most adorable little groms, Atlas.

I wanted to do a photo session with her and Atlas for mothers day so thats what we did! Just a little hang out session in Old Town. We walked on the cobblestones in the oldest city, hit up the marina and made our way by the The Castillo’s de San Marcos Fort. Just Mom and son and auntie with a camera, It was a great day.

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Meet soon to be Maggie Bess

Not to long ago I photographed Emma and her Husband Robb. We spent a couple hours together in Upper Bidwell park with their two dogs. It was a beautiful day, we caught some of the first part of spring when the poppies were just starting to bloom.

Funny thing is when we ended our session I warned them that I had a knack of getting the baby party started. The last 2 maternity sessions I came to find out that the little ones were excited to come into the world. I couldn’t even get the images to them before baby came.

Well Emma went into labor literally the next DAY!

Welcome to the world little Maggie Bess, here is your mom and dad the day before you joined them on the outside.

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