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Tori and Aaron

I had the pleasure of photographing Aaron and Tori’s engagement session.

We had perfect weather, well maybe a degree or two too perfect but these two had no fear and got to take advantage of the  beautiful day. I really am grateful to be capturing Aaron and Tori’s special kind of love, I am looking forward to their wedding in October, cheers!

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Santa Cruz

I am thrilled to share some of my favorite images from the other weekend when I went to Santa Cruz for the 2015 Bridal Expo; The bridal show was a blast and a half and well worth the trip by the way!

The images are of the waves on West Cliff; my friend Kym and I were so lucky to witness for ourselves first hand these massive waves. I swear there had to of been easily 20ft faces on some of these sets. We were in awe to say the least.

That was the highlight of the trip personally for me and if anyone knows me they would know how much I love the ocean. Seeing the creators brilliant sense of wonder at the ocean that day was so cool. Surfers and all were out to enjoy the beautiful day and unreal waves.





Hello 2015 !

Hey there!

It’s good to be back with new an exciting news. It’s 2015 And it has been a great year for me so far. I hope it had been for all of you too!

New Years Day I left to Oahu to help my sister relocate and go to college. Besides all the “responsible” doings we had to do for the relocation…I was able to explore the island and mark some things off my bucket list! Some of those were to see the Triple Crown of surfing. The triple crown are three different surf breaks on the north shore of Oahu. That includes Sunset, Waimea, and Pipeline. Seeing the triple crown of surfing was so cool! The waves weren’t going off but it was still an unbelievable experience to be in a place I’ve only seen on TV for contests or in movies. It was a pretty emotional day for me to say the least. Not only did I get to see the triple crown, I got to visit some friends on the big Island. I was so fortunate because  they took me to some gorgeous places as well. Including “The Valley of the Kings”,  It was a real treat to be in such a historical place on the Island. It was a very blessed trip.

The Hawaiian Islands has to be some of the most beautiful places I have ever been too. I love the culture, the slower paced beach life and the food, OMG the FOOD! Poke is my absolute favorite thing to eat! I could have one of the many versions that are made of it, everyday. If you don’t know what that is, it’s similar to sashimi sushi. Raw chunks of tuna (or salmon) in an amazing marinade over a bed of warm rice, did I say it was AMAZING!?

I enjoyed myself and was able to reset my mind for this upcoming amazing year of 2015! 

I wanted to share some of the images I took during that trip. I wish I could share them all right away, but you will get to see them down the road, 🙂 I promise

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